The first season of Stupid Technology will be looking at Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

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This first season consists of three reading seminars and one hackathon. The goal of the reading seminars is to discuss relevant texts about Stupid Technologies, and produce a manifesto 1 based on those discussions.

The readings for this first season are:

Session One (September 2021)

Melanie Mitchell, Why AI is Harder Than We Think Alexander Campolo and Kate Crawford, Enchanted Determinism: Power Without Responsibility in Artificial Intelligence

Session Two (October 2021)

Jessa Lingel and Kate Crawford, “Alexa, Tell Me about Your Mother”: The History of the Secretary and the End of Secrecy Suzanne L. Thomas, Dawn Nafus and Jamie Sherman, Algorithms as fetish: Faith and possibility in algorithmic work

Session Three (November 2021)

Jenna Burrell and Marion Fourcade, The Society of Algorithms Aaron Mendon-Plasek, Mechanized Significance and Machine Learning: Why It Became Thinkable and Preferable to Teach Machines to Judge the World

Session Four: The Hackathon (December 2021)

We will make sure to organize an open, inclusive, holiday-infused one-day hackathon.

Season One will take place at the IT University of Copenhagen, in collaboration with DIKU

  1. No manifestos should ever be taken seriously. But what kind of project would we be without manifestos? ↩︎